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Fervent passion for excellence. Zealous craze to improve. Achievement drives my life.

Being awarded a fully sponsored academic scholarship for a duration of six years at the age of twelve has formed the fundamental of my personality till today. I was to study in Singapore, in the prestigious and highly regarded high school and junior college in the nation, Nanyang Girls' High School and Hwa Chong Institution. I was put under an intensely rigorous academic system. Since then, I have developed a need for constant progress in everything I do and a desire to be the best I can ever be.

The disciplines of business and finance fascinate me; I love being a music business/management major at Berklee College of Music. I try my best to apply concepts and strategies learned from classes into a most important and dearest project to me in my life – building my own brand.

Unique branding is of the utmost importance as an artist and for any professional especially in today's highly competitive and saturated market. Looking up to multi-talented artists such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce who are not only musicians but who are also businesswomen, this inspired me to promote my personal brand as a guitarist, model, illustrator and jewelry designer. I invest substantial amounts of time building up sizable portfolios in all four artistic fields I have chosen and I serve as my own manager and social media marketer, managing all aspects of my online presence, correspondence with industry professionals, content generation and artistic decisions.

Blogging has been another strategy I employ to build credibility for my brand and to establish reasonable authority in providing useful information related to guitar playing. Detailing my experiences and learning points from attending guitar private instructions and guitar labs at Berklee in comprehensive blogposts, I discovered that music-related blogposts indeed turn out to be the biggest traffic drivers to my blog.

I am blessed to have the opportunity and ability to strengthen and complement my guitar-content blogposts with my very own recordings recorded using the music software Logic. By systematically breaking down and recording practice assignments handed by Berklee guitar faculty, I have come to uncover its practicality with a niche target market of guitarists who are passionate about guitar and music, but yet are unable to commit to a formal music education.

Having the prized opportunity to perform with and share the stage with Hong Kong celebrity artistes Alan Tam and Hacken Lee during their Live Concert 2003 in Malaysia at Stadium Merdeka in the exact year I started dancing ballet taught me a very valuable lesson – we are capable of acquiring skills in any new artistic or academic medium as long as we put our heart to it because what matters most is hard work and virtually nothing in the world is impossible to accomplish.

My goal upon graduation from Berklee would be to pursue a 3-years Juris Doctor (JD) degree in a Massachusetts law school, focusing in legal fields specifically entertainment law, business law and intellectual property law. Having fallen in love with the profound world of legal issues, legal language and contracts in relation to the music industry from being a music business/management major at Berklee, I am more excited than ever to venture into formal legal education and eventually succeed as an entertainment/corporate lawyer.

“Nothing beats being extraordinary” - this is the motto that propels my life. 


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