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REVIEW: "The Freelancer's Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Have the Career of Your Dreams - On Your Terms" by Sara Horowitz

Book Review by Sapphire Ng

The Freelancer's Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Have the Career of Your Dreams - On Your Terms
by Sara Horowitz
Workman Publishing Company
ISBN: 978-0761164883
Copyright October 2012
Paperback, 496 pages

The Freelancer's Bible strategically positions freelancers on the road to success by coaching aspiring freelancers to handle their careers like the CEO of a company would. The book contains strategies and tools that equip the reader with a mindset effectively poised for performance and accomplishment by tackling the career of freelancing with regards to both short-term and long-term sustainability.

Autonomous freelancers will appreciate the approach and format of the book as it is highly conducive to enhancing the problem solving skills of the freelancer – by stimulating thinking, encouraging brainstorming, building the ability to assess various situations freelancing could entail and to come up with answers to important questions.

This incredibly hands-on book strives to plant ideas, possibilities and alternatives that would only benefit the freelancer and increase his or her versatility and adaptability to inevitable changes within the freelance industry. Concrete guidance is also provided for setting milestones and professional boundaries, for regularly reviewing results on a timely basis and to objectively evaluate financial status at different points in one's career.

Horowitz has packed The Freelancer's Bible with scenarios, questions, worksheets and numerical lists which adds interactivity into the reading process and promotes reader participation. With scenarios concisely articulated and systematically listed, the reader can easily identify the category to which he or she falls into and refer to the suggested solutions. An instance would be the freelancer finding himself needing to work long hours and cutting costs but still barely meeting expenses. The proposed recommendations include to track time spent on tasks in order to ensure an accurate time/price ratio, to raise rates to increase the freelancer's perceived value, and to study the ways successful and veteran freelancers package and market themselves.

Important frameworks are also provided in the book which supply guidelines for, for example structuring a four-level freelance portfolio, rebalancing the portfolio, constructing contracts, handling intellectual property matters, and assessing situations where engaging the services of virtual assistants or utilizing time tracking softwares or subcontracting could be the apt solution to the specific problem. Substantial information is similarly included that covers areas including business structure, tax, insurance, marketing, retirement planning and more.

And the book does not stop there. Horowitz goes the extra mile to cover statistics and data such as workplace misclassifications freelancers could be vulnerable to, the effect of deadbeat clients on freelancers and the state of the freelance economy.

Freelancers rights is a crucial theme that runs through the entire book and which aptly ties in with the fact that Horowitz is both the founder of Freelancers Union and the owner of Freelancers Insurance Company. This theme is similarly weaved into the book in creative ways as manifested with the “Advocacy Alert” sections, and the freelancer bill of rights which concludes the book.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to the publisher nor the authors of the book. This book review is the result of my personal reading and honest opinion.

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