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Sapphire Ng | Berklee Guitar Private Instruction - (Week 3) Spring 2015 [Class Materials & Concepts]

Guitar Private Instruction Lesson

Berklee College of Music
Spring 2015 Semester

Private Instruction Teacher: Sheryl Bailey

[Week 3]

Concepts covered in class: 
-Harmonic Minor Fingerings from all scale degrees throughout guitar fretboard
-The denomination of Harmonic Minor scale as having b3 and b6 as compared to a major scale. 
-Drop 2 Spread Triad voicings in Root position, 1st inversion and 2nd inversion (To play up and down an entire octave during final exam)
-Four-part chords (To learn to be able to leave out the root in constructing the voicings, which allows for great versatility in constructing a variety of chord qualities from there.)
-Fingerings and fretboard positions details that are notated in G Blues (that I've never noticed previously.)
-Recap that Diminished scale is whole-half.

3 Ways to Practice Harmonic Minor:
-In 12 Key Grip
-Staying in a single key, play a complete 2-octave harmonic minor scale, and keep going up the fretboard starting on notes from all scale degrees of the harmonic minor.
-Transitioning from key to key in Circle of 4ths whilst simultaneously going up and down the fretboard [eg. Start with F harmonic minor up the fretboard in 1st position (do not go back down on the fretboard in F harmonic minor), and then transition immediately into Bb harmonic minor down the fretboard in 2nd position, and then go up the fretboard in Eb harmonic minor in 4th position, and so on.]

Class Homework:
-Harmonic Minor scales from all scale degrees
-G Blues (entire tune, and practice to the backing track/recording teacher recorded for me)
-"Out of Nowhere" by Green/Heyman

My notes:
-It's useful to remember the denominations for Spread Triads in Root position, 1st inversion and 2nd inversion [Root position 1 5 3, 1st inversion 3 1 5, 2nd inversion 5 3 1]
-(Not encouraged by teacher because she wants me to see harmonic minor along the fretboard as from different scale degrees) But I thought it will be interesting to find out the harmonic minor mode names and attach the scale shapes to its modal name. 

Class Materials/Handouts: 

Harmonic Minor Fingerings

Berklee Level III Guitar Proficiency Syllabus

Spread Triads - Drop 2

Out Of Nowhere - Green/Heyman

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