Wednesday, 12 February 2014

"Honeysuckle Rose" Charlie Christian-Solo Transcription [Guitar TAB]

Hello all ! How are you guys doing ?

Well, here is my first guitar TAB solo transcription for a Charlie Christian tune, Honeysuckle Rose !

Here's the audio for the guitar TAB:

I personally love this solo as it has a certain fun and playful attitude to the sound of the phrases, coupled with a light-hearted clean tone, not to mention it is simple but beautiful.

It is perfect especially for guitarists new to jazz, as the phrases are not as fast as for example Pat Martino's solo lines. The phrases are also considerably shorter in length thus more manageable for guitarists wanting to pick up short phrase fragments to add into their repertoire.

Thus, I would say the "Honeysuckle Rose" guitar solo is a great place to start for a guitarist wanting to work on his/her 4-note fragment repertoire. For example, sequencing arpeggio line patterns inspired from ideas found in the solo would be a great exercise.

Practicing soloing to this song would be great practice as well as it contains the dominant 7th chord, which is a chord predominant in a blues progression. For anyone keen on learning to solo chord changes over the blues progression, this solo would give great ideas for one to learn, internalize and then apply - for example, chromatic ideas for dom7th chords.

Always remember: The most important thing is to maximize learning from every half bar, 1 bar of solo lines or every 4-note/ 5-note fragment lines you are learning.

So have fun learning the solo ! Goodluck and see you guys again :D

Love ya,
Sapphire Ng <3 <3 <3

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