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[Guitar TAB] "Girl Gone Wild" Guitar Arrangement By Sapphire Ng

Hello all ! How are you guys doing ? Today is the 3rd day of the Chinese New Year festive season and I have to say it is pretty enjoyable thus far. I am now having a little break before I'm heading out for more angpows again :D :D

Well I have to take this opportunity to say thank you to one of the readers of my blog and a listener/watcher of my Youtube videos who requested for a TAB for my "Girl Gone Wild" guitar arrangement ! Thank you very much Andy.

I sincerely appreciate all the compliments you gave me Andy :D Yes, the majority of the arrangement I wrote for the song is pretty simple, and it actually focuses on the emotion that is evoked when playing the lines. 

I would say for any of you who would like to try to play this arrangement, the most challenging part for you could be the lines played in free time at the beginning of the song before the first verse starts. But of course for the better-skilled guitarists, it would be a piece of cake for you hahaha.

This is my "Girl Gone Wild" video that I've included snippets of me modeling and dancing too, and where I am so fortunate to have the chance to rock a braids hairstyle done by talented makeup artist Sonia Hui.

For those of you who want to take a look at the behind-the-scenes photos and pictures shot from this video-shoot, see them here at this link:

I'm so flattered that there are readers (like you !) requesting for more such arrangements for pop songs. Well I've just finished recording my arrangement for "Mr Saxobeat" (Alexandra Stan) just some time ago and I promise this arrangement will be fun hahaha.

In a way, my arrangement for "Mr Saxobeat" is very much challenging because it includes very fast runs in many many parts of the song, there are harmonics-like sounds going on in certain parts that are a result of me putting on really high gain *smirks*, there is one part that the way I attacked the notes actually made it sound like cars' engines (I love that part !) and basically the whole song is quite a technical feat. 

I personally find it pretty cool as I listen back to my recording of it hahaha, so please stay tuned for my music video for "Mr Saxobeat" !

Alright back to "Girl Gone Wild".
You can listen to my video while you try to follow the TAB, and get familiar with how the tune goes, whichever way works for you. 
Note the subtle differences between the verses. I particularly like Verse 2 whereby I used octaves in playing the melodic lines & I love how it provides a great contrast alongside the rest of the flow of the song.

For those of you curious, the 'octave' playing is actually pioneered by Jazz guitarist West Montgomery, of course he used his thumb to play the octaves and has a much more mellower and softer attack. But I prefer to play using my pick & for an upbeat song such as "Girl Gone Wild" I actually strum the octaves pretty hard.

For instances such as the Interlude & the Ending, I injected a bit of interest there by breaking the similarity of the phrase with 2 power chords to end the phrase, which I think adds punch as well. I like the effect created as it heightens the energy level.

You might have noticed that there are triplets in the TAB. Well when I was playing it, the triplets actually came naturally to me and thus I added them in by feel. I think it makes a pop song more interesting overall.

For those of you who would like to go a step further, add triplets into your guitar practicing routine. What you can do is to play a constant stream of 16th notes for let's say 2 beats or even an entire bar for a start, then immediately switching to your triplets for another bar, and keep alternating between 16th notes and triplets (every bar/ every 2 beats/every beat). In no time you would be able to spill out triplets like it's a natural part of you ! Good luck !

Alright, have fun playing the song ! Do message me if you have any enquiries. 

Take care & Love ya,
Sapphire Ng <3 <3 <3

"Girl Gone Wild" Guitar Arrangement [Guitar TAB] 
(Original Singer: Madonna)

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