Thursday, 2 January 2014

I'm A Blondie !! New Year, New Hair - Happy 2014 !

Happy New Year everyone ! How's 2014 been for you guys so far ? 

Well, hahaha I started the first day of 2014 traveling across Malaysia, and frankly, I love long distance travel. There is always something really indescribably mystifying and comforting when I know I am traveling across vast geographical locations. Maybe not that vast because all I did was travel from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.

Another thing I did on 1st Jan 2014 was also to re-dye my hair ! This time round my hair turned... wow, golden ? Or really really close to blonde. I've never had such a light hair color before but I'm really excited to rock this color now haha :D :D

Disclaimer: I had ZERO makeup on for all shots taken in this series. I didn't even draw my eyebrows or at least conceal my eye bags, and definitely no foundation applied at all, so pardon me if I look abit pale hahaha.

Check this out ! This is taken in the MRT.

Now, how do you find my hair color ? Hahahah I love the fact that it is so striking.

At the Toa Payoh MRT station. Do I look like a pseudo-mannequin ?

Now, this is much much more close-up. You can really see the brilliance of my hair color here. How I love my hair !

Outdoors at Raffles Place taking picture with some monuments.

Okay, a side view of me in an escalator in some MRT station or shopping complex.

Alright, here comes another pretty cool shot. Chrome skateboards, chrome wheels, chrome chrome chrome... 

And I'm doing our favorite one-hand-around-the-pole pose hahaha.

Although it is pretty much long due, finally I had a shot with a Christmas tree, given that I haven't come close to a Christmas tree at all during the Christmas season. So all I can do is make up for it by taking a picture with it now.

Another shot at the MRT station, this time round giving a more cool vibe:

So this is a clearer and nearer view of all the 'stuffs' suspended in the chrome frame.

Nice green lawn.

Apparently this red designer chair I'm sitting on costs 
SGD 8,000 dollars ! Oh my gosh.

Backview of my hair !! So if you are traveling around and happen to chance upon a girl who has a head of long hair looking like that from the back, you could try calling out "Sapphire" to see whether she responds. Hahahah !

Okay, a cute-sie shot. Honestly, I am really not good at 'cute' looks. LOL.

Backview of my hair at another location. I love the streaks, strands and gradient. I guess I have to thank my hair-dyer for that.

Last picture of this series.

Alright guys, hope I had you guys entertained for a bit as you go through pictures from my short trip around town today.

I'm shooting for my "Wonderful Slippery Thing" videoshoot tomorrow. So specially for those of you reading this, I would disclose to you that I would have a total of 8 outfits for tomorrow, including a long gown, short bridal dresses, cool fur jackets and something casual.

So stay tuned for my videoshoot photos and video !! I promise it would be exciting and fun.

Catch you guys again !
Love ya,
Sapphire Ng <3 <3 <3

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