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"Pick Up The Pieces" Guitar TABS and Music Score (Candy Dulfer/Average White Band)

Hi all ! How are you guys doing ?
Firstly, I have to thank you daveeldredgeband who sent me a message to my Youtube channel requesting for a TAB for a tune I performed live at my school "Pick Up the Pieces".

Well, here you go daveeldredgeband :) Since you requested, here it is.

Things to take note of in my TAB & lead sheet:
-I tabbed according to the version I performed, which is actually a combination of a few youtube versions of Candy Dulfer's rendition of the song.

-The order of the attacks are not strictly according to what is played in Candy Dulfer's versions.

-If you've heard my version of the song (just scroll on down, the video is right below :D), after my guitar solo, there is a 8-bar drums and bass trade-off, with another attack in the 8th bar. 

The attack comprises of 7-notes and is actually an adaptation from Jaco Pastorius' tune "The Chicken". The original version of the attack is 8-notes long, but of course for my band's performance of "Pick Up The Pieces" we have to leave out the last note which is the resolution note, as we transitioned immediately to a "Pick Up The Pieces" attack. I personally love the blend of attacks from different tunes because it creates interest :D

You can leave out the drums and bass trade-offs in your song (after your solo) if you are not keen to include that in.

-Also for my performance, my solo section was on cue, which means that there was no fixed number of bars that I would solo. I would just cue the whole band when I'm done with soloing. So if you would like to fix the length of your solo, by all means just tell your band that you would like your solo to be 16 bars only or 32 bars or 64 bars.

But for the rest of you who would like to try an on-cue solo section, it would be fun hahaha. But you would need some practicing with the band to make sure that your drummer, bassist and other instrumentalists can read your eye signals correctly. 

You could try head gestures too if you like, but with time and chemistry your band can automatically sense that you have reached the climax of your solo and judging by the type of phrasing you are playing at that moment, know that you have come to the end of your solo.

If you are wondering what I mean by that, you can have a listen to my live performance. Towards the end of my solo, you would have noticed that I have resorted to a relatively constant stream of a repeated 5-note group. And with a 32nd note pull-off at the start of every 5-note group, each group takes up 1 beat of a bar.

Note that I have also included the lead sheet, a fully notated version of the tune as well.

Do not fret if you see a lot of rests on the 2nd page of the TAB/leadsheet because it represents the "solo" and "drums and bass trade-off" sections and it's supposed to be a FUN freestyle time ! :D By all means play whatever you like and just have fun !

For those who would like a reference for the TAB and lead sheet, here is my performance of the song "Pick Up The Pieces". Everything notated and written is based on this performance of mine.

I hope this post would be useful to you.
Good luck learning and playing the song !

For those who don't solo to chord changes, here are the Scales/Arpeggio choices for soloing in this song: 
1. F Blues scale
2. F-9 arpeggio or F-7 arpeggio
3. F Dorian mode

You could use the scales & arpeggios in isolation or mix them during your solo. Ultimately, all depends on the sound and whether you like the sound.

And of course for the chord changes-geeks, the chord progression of the song during the solo section goes F-7 and Bb7 for 4 bars each, so your task would be to practice the arpeggios for these 2 chords and interchange your arpeggios according to the current chord that is playing.

Alright guys, see you guys again !
Take care and love ya,
Sapphire Ng <3 <3 <3

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