Friday, 6 September 2013

Sapphire Ng | Guitar Lines Written Using Dbmaj7(#5) Arpeggio and F Blues Scale [VIDEO & Inspiration Source Story]

First take a look at this (just a warm up) ! It will be explained in detail later.

Understand and get what is going on ? Hahaha, well do not fret.

So this is what I came up with using Dbmaj7(#5) and F Blues.

I guess this "song" would be categorized under fusion jazz.
Well, the writing of this song is quite an accident. I was actually practicing my arpeggios, but ended up playing some phrases that I thought sounded pretty cool, so I wrote them down and came up with more licks that would sort of complete the tune.

The above is a video of me playing the ideas I had. It is definitely not an official song yet, without full band arrangement. But it documents the phrases I came up with that combines an arpeggio and a scale in the formation of one phrase.
Yup, the equation goes like this
1 arpeggio + 1 scale = 1 phrase
Hahahah, it may not make sense mathematically, but with my higher and higher learnings from greater and greater guitar teachers, combining arpeggios and scales are really not uncommon.

Essentially, this was actually during one of my practice sessions where I was told to practice chord changes to a Blues progression. It is definitely really complicated on paper, & even more so when you try to play it !!

Okay now, let's take a look at the lead sheet in detail :D :D
Just so you don't have to keep scrolling up, here is the sheet again:

This is a modified version of Au Privave by Charlie Parker. Frankly speaking, what is up there is really terrifying. Well, my teacher is a chord changes and substitution beast ! He can solo using substitutions like no one's business & guess what, the tempo of the song ain't slow either. So each bar of 4 beats at most is around 2 to 3 seconds or even lesser. Well Au Privave is typically played really fast and there are people playing it, practicing it from 100bpm onwards to like, 200bpm ?? Okay, that's what my teacher is capable of.

So for anyone of you out there who is up for the challenge, the line of chords lowest and closest to the bars are the actual chord progression, it's just blues progression, just a more complicated blues progression than the simplest I7, IV7 and V7 merely. So this progression includes II-V's and diminished chords.

The rest of the 1 to 3 rows of scales or arpeggios above the basic chord progression would represent the scales or arpeggios that you could experiment soloing with over the chord progression, they could be played optionally, your preference from one to another. And, the options are really quite vast and would take tons & tons of practice to be able to do it naturally ! Good Luck !! :D :D

So onto my 'tune', my guitar teacher was telling me that actually I shouldn't solo using Dbmaj7(#5) starting on beat 1 of bars, that I should practice playing F blues on, for example beats 1 & 2, then play that arpeggio on beats 3 & 4. Well, when I practiced and came up with that little tune in the video, I actually did the opposite, my exotic arpeggio was on beats 1 & 2, and I used F blues scale on beats 3 & 4. Hahahah, well, it is unique and it resulted in some exotic sounding thing that I quite like as well ! :D

Now onto the rhythmic vamp behind my lines. I pre-recorded the 1-chord vamp in the built-in looper in my GT-100. It is just F7 chord vamp throughout. Hahahah, well for a change, we could experiment more with chord scales over single chord vamps instead of just using a single scale to solo over a more complicated multiple-chords chord progression :D :D

Well, I guess that's all about this video of mine.
See you again & keep following my posts for more guitar updates from what I learnt and did from my school !

Love ya,
Sapphire Ng <3 <3

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