Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Sapphire Ng | Pink Nissan FairLady 350Z & Blue Toyota MR-S Supercars Photoshoot [PHOTOS & Behind-The-Scenes]

I absolutely love this photoshoot ! I had an awesome time hehe :D *winks*

You can check out the process of this photoshoot in the video just below.
In the video, you get to see the series of poses I used throughout the shoot. I personally love this video because of many various reasons. 

For this video I tried to infuse a different style of posing into it compared to my last Supercars Photoshoot video, and I am glad my fast runs of poses one right after another turned out better than expected in the video. I improved in my posing & I'm glad for it as well hehehe :D

Also, because there is Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" in the video & I absolutely love the beat in the video throughout.

The beauty of the cars really can't be overstated. Thanks & credits to the Supercars owners hooray !!
Nissan Fairlady 350Z - Dave Weng
Blue Toyota MR-S - Shane
Red/White Toyota MR-S - Desmond

For that matter, I had 2 outfits for the day. One black & one white, both elegant mini-dresses and I really adore them hahahah :D

Check out some pictures from the shoot !! 
Photographer: Mike S
MUA: Gucci Tan

Also wow, this is the first time I had an artist draw a picture of me based on one of my photos !
I'm really grateful for & thank you to Chili Candy for drawing this ! How sweet and nice & talented !! :D

A little secret for you guys, I really don't draw at all. I dance & I play guitar but I can't draw hahahah :) Or rather I lack the patience to draw :P

Also, check out my photos with one of my awesome body-builder friend, Desmond ! Big guy huh hahahah :)

It was basically a really fun shoot & I seriously loved it. 

It was considered a cooling day but I was sweating like mad even only 5 minutes into the shoot. 
I had 4 shooters that day, really fun because we had the great & funny plan:
1. Dear photographers, you have to find your comfortable position at a comfortable distance from the car & the model
2. Upon request to start, Sapphire (me !) would just begin to pose non-stop around the car, changing poses at any speed she likes & fancies and traveling around different parts of the car as well
3. For photographers, you just had to press your trigger non-stop as well and capture as many shots as you can & don't get tire out by your heavy camera hahahah !! 
4. Have fun shooting 

To check out how the process above from 1 to 4 was done, just watch my video of the shoot :D :D It is the video at the start of this post, or just click on this link hahahah

I really thank you for your time & attention if you watched it. Big kisses & hugs :D You really deserve it hehe.

This way it was really fun as a whole because everything was kept tight. There was no room to feel bored & it was both a challenge to me as a model, as well as to the others as photographers :D

Well, I hope there's more such shoots to come in the future !! How all of us love posing & shooting :D

Here are more behind-the-scenes photos, that are taken using my mini camera !!

Me with my super talented Makeup Artist, Gucci Tan !! 
I absolutely love working with her :D

Oh yeah ! Guess who's that big guy behind me hahahah !!

Me doing some weird dance ??

Or acting funny ? Hahah

Interested for more ? Well, for the video & photos of the 1st of my SuperCars Photoshoot Series, featuring Lamborghini Gallardo Super Leggara, Honda S2000 and Toyota MR-S, go here !! :D :D

Okay, that's all for now !
Stay tuned for more future updates :D
Love you guys for your continuous support !

Sapphire Ng xoxo <3 <3 <3