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"You Are What You Wear, What Your Clothes Reveal About You"

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Let's first take a look at how the book looks like :D :D

You Are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You (Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner)

Looking at the book cover, you could see a couple of points:
-The extra inches of heels represents an instant confidence boost any girl would want to add immediately to herself.
-A girl may opt for bubble skirts or bubble dresses that are not figure-hugging and this could potentially represent an inner insecurity of her slightly-bulging tummy.

Okay, let's plunge in immediately into the details of the book.

Its author is a practicing psychologist, and the book is written from a wardrobe consultant's/psychologist's point of view. Inside the book documents the many types of wardrobe malfunctions that women could face in different phases of their lives.

Then with each wardrobe malfunction, the diagnosis would be provided, and the root cause for it would be explained in detail and then a set of possible solutions. I find the case studies particularly interesting as it gives a real life touch and application to what that is discussed.

The book begins with an initial questionnaire about the past, present, and future of its readers' clothing choices. The main point is for you, yes you, to analyze and recall how did your clothing choices changed throughout your growing up years or different stages in life. Chances are that when there is a major life change, clothing options changed drastically as well.

The 9 types of wardrobe malfunctions discussed in the book include Over-Buying, Over-Baring Skin, Over-Hoarding, Concealing the Body, Age-Inappropriate Dressing, Lifeless/Bland Dressing, Work Clothes 24/7, Overwhelmed by Labels and Neglecting Your Look.

I would take one of the categories from above and expound on it. Ok, let's take Lifeless/Bland Dressing.

The typical case of such a malfunction is an entire wardrobe full of black/grey clothes - black tops, black bottoms, black sweaters, black shoes. The favorite color is black and its quite overwhelmingly black.

Potential causes are perfectionism and depression.

People commonly diagnosed with this are people who have fallen into a routine, habit and predictability that they could not let go off, particularly understandable in a world that is stressful and unpredictable. Oftentimes it indicates a fear to change, which shows for example, an internal fear of letting go, losing control or making a mistake.

Also, people with this wardrobe malfunction when made to realize their situation would actually realize how mindless their lives have become and that they are merely going through the motions day in day out - in other words, stagnation.

As how the book puts it, "When you wear boring clothes, you are hiding from others - and ultimately from yourself."

Apart from practical advice on how to revive your wardrobe, I pretty much agree with the lesson of that chapter which is that "Change keeps the mind busy, the heart full, and the spirit young. Change is good."

Well, go pick up the book if you think it is interesting and you would like to read in detail about the rest of the 8 types of wardrobe malfunctions mentioned above.

In short, dressing in work clothes 90% of your time represents a disrupted work/life balance that potentially hints at someone who lacks a social and family life. Over-buying label clothings shows an inner lack of identity and the need to cover up the insecurity by "showing off" to others the famous brands they own and wear on their skin.

Also, a female who almost perpetually wears oversized clothes that is dramatically far from fitting her actual frame could be struggling from body image issues. And it applies as well to women to have slimmed down but still are under the perception that they are overweight due to previous societal judgment.

I personally loved the book because of how concise and informative it is, and definitely how true it is ! It is because I have experienced quite a few types of the wardrobe malfunctions mentioned above and I really admire how accurate and spot on the information is.

I would really recommend this to anyone interested in learning more about themselves psychologically. I believe that understanding yourself better gives you an ability to carve out a better life for yourself and make better decisions. So, good luck !!

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