Saturday, 14 September 2013

A Treasure Load Of 15 Inspiring Quotes To Constantly Enrich Your Life

Hello there ! In this post I will collect all the quotes that really inspire me a lot day by day, those that really reinforces my mindset, that corroborates perspectives that I believe in life and of course those that reflects my perception of reality. 

I believe these quotes would really mean a lot to you as they are to me, so go ahead read them and ingest them :D
Good Luck !! 

Perseverance and persistence. Hardships and difficulties are always a stepping stone to something greater, just keep working at it and do not give up.


Dreams are always never too big nor crazy. It is only for the bold who dare to dream and work towards their goals. There is a reason why those people who scorn your dreams have always remained wherever they have been.

This is so true especially when going out of our comfort zone. While the prospects may seem enticing, it is the uncertainty and fear that holds us back most of the time and stop us from trying new things that we always wanted to try.

Sometimes it's really not about taking anyone's instructions as to what we should or should not do. We have to rise above it without getting hindered by a self-made barrier. Thinking about whether people would allow you to do something would never get you started. On the other hand, overcoming people who have come to stop you in your path indicates your already ongoing efforts.

Goals keep people motivated and constantly striving; on the other hand, you can't control people around you, they come and go. An over-attachment to the environment and momentary friends would only rob you of energy and vitality.

It really is about working smart and productive, not about working hard and clumsy.

Don't resent the existence of a certain someone in your life. They are there to teach you something, give you a life lesson no matter how hard a lesson it may be, inspire you, make you realize something - if you think closely you will find out why they are there.

Comfortable and relaxing nights are the ones spent to recuperate and enjoy, but not those that stimulated profound progress in your life. So, thank those days that were rough because they made you grow.

It doesn't make practical sense to give up simply because results don't materialize as soon as you think it should - it all goes back to the fact that the reason why you put in so much effort into it is because it means a lot to you and your life.

This really allows one to regard an issue from a poignant perspective often neglected or unknown to most. Often it is the lack of confidence that stops people from progressing.

Over-thinking and over-stressing the unknown would only be counter-productive to anyone's current state of being. Not only it doesn't add value to your life at all, it drains you of energy.

I totally agree with this and love this. This often applies to the case of jealousy, where people just hate on people, belittle and judge them simply because they felt insecure. This is particularly relevant as well in reinforcing the fact that people shouldn't judge by appearances because the truth is often far from it.

This can apply broadly to societal expectations and demands, as well as to peer pressure. This can certainly remind people of the fact that oftentimes when someone fears the disapproval and judgment of others, he/she fails to recognize that those people actually are insignificant in his/her life and actually holds no practical or real value in impacting his/her life. They can just be acquaintances, but it certainly just ends at that. Worrying about acquaintances' judgment of you is like investing a lot of time and energy into something that ultimately doesn't affect your life at all.

People with real confidence do not need social approval of the choices they make. Only people who are insecure of their decisions need a horde of other people expressing agreement to their choices.

Oftentimes we compare ourselves to others without realizing the fact that the reason why they have achieved a greater success than we have is because they have already been through the stages of hardship and difficulties that we are currently going through or are going to go through in the future.

Okay, here is all for this first edition of this series of posts. Hope this really inspired you to see things in a way you have never seen before and help you improve your life.

Always stay inspired.
Love ya,
Sapphire Ng <3 <3

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