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17 Ways To Change Your Life For The Better

This post focuses on self-help & that you could use the 17 points mentioned to really reflect on your current status quo in life and change for the better voluntarily by understanding the implications behind the ways you think or being aware of how certain thought processes you engage in are really not that beneficial to you as a whole.

Are you ready ? Okay, let's check them out one by one :D

Poor vs Rich Mentality

It's totally true that everyone of us is definitely guilty of something under the Poor-Mentality category, but there definitely is nothing wrong, for example, about "miss[ing] the good old days". Just that thinking that way would leave you stationary at where you are for a longer period of time than you actually deserve. It is okay to reflect and miss great times in the past, but over-doing & over-indulging in it would actually hinder progress into the future.

Similarly, many people are guilty of the "thinks the rich don't need him" as oftentimes people feel inferior in status compared to the rich. But sometimes all it takes is to know the communication method to connect with the rich, by understanding that they are humans too with desires, weaknesses & strengths. This way you wouldn't feel like you & the rich are a world apart.

Are You Confident Or Arrogant ?

Know the difference between the two, because for the people you meet on a daily basis, you will always recognize people who fall in either category. More importantly as well, absorb the behavioral habits of the confident people, and try to incorporate them into yourself bit by bit every single day.

Fixed vs Growth Mindsets

Take note of the characteristics you may have that fall under the fixed-mindset category and try to change it over to its opposite :)

The Difference Between A Smart Thinker & A Foolish Doer

Understanding The Anti-Success Mentality & Countering it

On any journey to success, the first obstacle in anyone's mentality would be to doubt themselves. 2nd, comparing yourself to others would also compromise your productivity levels.

On the 3rd stage fear of change", it is important to note that success by itself represents a totally different status quo than where you are at now, which means success is a change by its own right. So a fear of change would technically speaking, be totally illogical.

The 4th stage, when stakes are high & when tons of efforts are all invested into the achieving of success, the fear of failure would actually hinder one from making the one last most high-risk crucial move that would declare you a success or not.

Here is a continuation from the last 4 stages.

Always remember and be aware of the fact that oftentimes people get subconsciously deterred from their goals in life by factors they never knew existed, or that they never are willing to believe they are affected by.

Learning By Doing & Getting Involved is the Most Effective Way to Learn

Always Do the Difficult Things that Others Shun

Always go the extra mile to seek out things that others did not even dare think about or do. It is because when it's easy, everyone else is doing it & you just won't stand out. For the difficult things, it is also hard for people to imitate you when they finally decided it's time to do it since you already paved a path for them that they can follow.

Change is the Key to Opportunities

Ways to Think Outside the Box

Windows of Opportunities are Present EVERYWHERE, EVERYTIME

This just serves to reinforce the fact that all-the-time is the time for you to take action that will in turn give you opportunities. Every event & occasion in your life is a chance for you to do something great, it is only a matter of choice for you to see it.

Ways To Never Give Up

Always remind yourself that the biggest failure you will ever face in your life is always right before success. Somehow or rather, it has been a proven trend & many successful people preach it. So the idea is not to get let down by your drop. Tell yourself that right after this 'failure', good things are about to come your way.

Ways to Be Productive

Try them but remember that you should only really adopt those that work for you.

Ways to Tackle Fear

Imagining the worst could be a really effective way to get rid of the fear. Of course it applies across the spectrum in all fields, not only entrepreneurs that the info-graphic is supposedly geared towards. Oftentimes the little things that people fear on a daily basis have no or little negative implications on their lives.

29 Ways to Stay Creative

The Mark Zuckerberg Way !!!

I absolutely love the last point "Build something for the long-term. Anything else is a distraction." Certainly it doesn't mean that people forgo relaxation at the expense of work, but it means not being carried away by the influence of wrong company or anyone else who doesn't understand your goals/visions in life or in fact persuades you to pursue what they themselves want.

Do You Have the Characteristics listed below?

There really is nothing wrong in disliking the status quo, or not fitting in the norm. It is definitely not a sin as well if you are one of those people who get bored easily. It just means that you would always be innovating & pioneering new things beyond the current state of things that other people in fact would be content & happy to stick with their whole lives.

Understand What Many Institutions Are Actually Doing

This is absolutely true for schools or institutions that try so hard to want to shape thoughts of its students according to the rigid ways they dictate. It also speaks of many institutions' desire to create a homogenous breed of people working/functioning under them, that would therefore be obedient & easy to control. But in essence, it is just making the next generation die a mental death.

All images used in this post are credits to & their team ! I really admire the info-graphics work they have done and their images & message is really good for everyone's benefit to not to be shared here !! 

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