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15 More Life-Impacting Quotes To Inspire & Enrich Your Life (Part 2)

Hi guys !! This is part 2 of my collection of inspiring quotes series !! I can't express more how much I appreciate all these shrewd reflection of life penned down by really wise people in our community. So I really want to thank whoever wrote these words of wisdom, they continue to inspire me everyday !! :D

And, so here it is. Hope what I have assembled here helps you through your life as well. Good luck and all the best !!

So let's start off with words of advice on success principles. Over time I have really come to learn the relevance and application of each point below and what can I say, they are really true despite how you may not understand the rationale yet.

Keep persisting in your passion or whatever you are doing despite let downs and failures. You are not alone, everyone experiences it, I do too :)

I think this is great in reminding all of us that oftentimes the results we get out of life are what we have put in. So do not be laden with jealousy, you don't know their story of hard work behind all the "talent" on the surface.

This quote below I believe points out to us the contradictions within each of us. We have our big dreams and want to achieve big things, but at the same time we are afraid to take that step out of our comfort zone. I think it provides a very logical and practical way to deal with the inner fear, by knowing that challenges faced along the way is a natural and mandatory part of striving high.

Never trivialize someone else's success by attributing it to their "luck" or "inborn talent". You just haven't had the privilege to witness them working hard over the years.

This really is applicable to every professional field but I would like to highlight this one field that is particularly prone to trivialization of their efforts. 

This accusation happens a lot especially to our great supermodels of today such as Karlie Kloss whom standing tall at 185cm is always said to be the lucky receiver of the gene factor, or Alessandra Ambrosio or Candice Swanepoel who are born with striking good looks. 

People often forget the fact that there are tons of competition within the modeling industry with so many other girls with similar height (well except for Karlie's height) and equally outstanding looks. Karlie is a killer at the catwalk and Alessandra & Candice have honed such a distinctive sensual way of posing and body language that many can't imitate ! So, let's not forget all the hard work and dedication that went behind others' success :D :D

Similarly, always remember that success is never easy. The next time you are tempted to self-console by giving the conclusion that others' success was obtained easily, think again. I think this image below expresses it very poignantly and simply:

 Thus, do not simplify others' journey to success, you have absolutely no idea what they went through. There is always a story of hardwork behind every success, and just because it ain't presented for the consumption of the public eye doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Okay, next on to a quote on discipline :) :)

Wow I absolutely love how this quote puts into perspective clearly the 2 things that oftentimes keep people's decisions torn apart. I personally love this quote a lot and it ties in with what I just read about delayed gratification. So don't rush or feel impatient that certain results you are seeking doesn't materialize now because when it does, it is going to be unstoppable and unbeatable ! :D

A leader is someone who breaks new grounds on what is possible within human ability that is never before shown nor displayed and thus serves as a role model to inspire others to do the same.

Don't give up your bigger dreams in search of instant gratification.

Understand and accept that downtimes in your life is a natural part of life and you would then be able to face it with much greater positivity.

I must admit how this quote below gives me more strength each day. So for all of you guys out there, let's keep working hard together, and everything will pay off !!

This is for those of you who feel alienated or marginalized by others simply because you are way better than the majority. Well as the cliche always goes that people in general hate acknowledging or giving approval to members of their peers who are way superior to them in terms of ability because it makes them feel inferior internally. 

Oftentimes these people would group with their similar-ability and thinking peers to solidify confidence in themselves and some even to collectively criticize you. 

Psychologically there have been many many explanations, and assaulting you as a group would reduce guilt as an individual as it provides less need to conform to societal expectations of graciousness to members of our society. Similarly it allows them to feel better of themselves by putting you down.

Nonetheless, keep staying focused and working on your goals, ultimately you will reach a stage whereby your haters or peers can't continue to ignore your accomplishments any longer because your influence on society have become so far-reaching and unstoppable.

I think we have to keep reminding ourselves that quitting is a permanent action of stopping constructive actions of working towards our dreams and goals, but that setbacks are merely temporary. So it is practically not worthwhile to give up when faced with a transient defeat.

Doubt hinders progress as people will be reluctant and hesitant to make moves. Without action, nothing is possible. We shouldn't feel deterred to take the first step to our goals simply because of the fear of failure because once we accept that failure is merely the stepping stone to greater success, there really is no reason to fear.

When you find yourself worrying that time will take away your reputation and abilities that you have spent so many years and effort meticulously crafting, really do not fret. Only non-authentic, low-quality things cannot stand the test of time. The rest, is golden.

Okay, here is all for the second post for this series :D Hope these quotes really served you well. Well, they made a big difference to my life and I hope they can bring this positive influence to your life as well ! :D

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Love ya,
Sapphire Ng <3 <3

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