Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sapphire Ng | Underwater Photoshoot [PHOTOS, Behind-The-Scenes & Story]

Model: Sapphire Ng
Photographer: Mike S

Underwater Photoshoot
[Official PHOTOS]



Hey there ! :)

Ok, here's the story behind the shoot. Ready, get set, go !!

This is my first Underwater Photoshoot experience !! Guess what? I found out I actually need some knowledge of basic diving skills !! and I've never dived before, and I don't swim either, except for when I was really really young (and that was still anyhow swim hahaha :D).

During the shoot, or rather prior to the shoot, I had to practise how to sink to the bottom of the pool by blowing lots of bubbles out till I reach the pool floor. 

Lucky me I had a great diving instructor, Andrew (!) during the entire duration of the Photoshoot. He noted that I was actually really too light to really make it easily to the bottom of the pool, though I managed to sink to the pool floor once successfully all by my own efforts by furiously blowing bubbles! The rest of the time I would just sink halfway and then float all the way up to the surface again hahaha !! 

For photoshoot purposes, Andrew really saved me a lot by helping to physically push me down to the pool floor, then he will withdraw his hands quickly and hide away from the camera frame hahaha ! Then I will start posing.

After that, we tried something different: instead of posing till I ran out of breath underwater then coming up to the surface to take new breaths every time -- we tried, I mean, I tried posing 3 poses then breathing through the oxygen tank then resuming posing another 3 then breathing through the oxygen tank. With each breath through the tank, I could feel my lungs dwindling though. 

AND !!! the most epic thing is that the speed of the camera underwater is so so so much slower than when its on land ! so taking every shot took pretty long for it to fire, so 3 poses underwater is maybe worth 9 poses on land hahahaha !!

Well, admittedly, it's much harder to control my hands, legs & facial expression underwater !! 

It was a really fun experience as a whole and I would be looking forward to more underwater shoots in the future. The results is definitely worth the hardwork hahaha !

You guys take care and continue rocking ~~~
Sapphire Ng xoxo <3 <3 <3


Tiffanyterces said...

Really great effort!:)

mike s photography said...

ya, realy great effort, more to come :)

Sapphire Ng said...

Thank you! Much appreciated :D have a great day !! :D