Sunday, 25 August 2013

Three Cheers To A More Extraordinary You

-Do something today that others won’t & aren’t willing to do, so that tomorrow you can do what others can’t do.

-Understand that opportunities are created by your own hands & doesn’t come by waiting.

-Circumstances should not determine what you can do for your dreams.

-Actions will change your life, waiting doesn’t.

-Your past won’t affect your present unless you let it to.

-Always believe in yourself to have the ability to recapture your ground, because losing your job is only devastating if you do not have the talent and ability to find a new one; losing an opportunity is only devastating if you lack the talent to be offered a next chance; losing a game is only devastating if you do not possess real talent to help you win the next game.

-Accept yourself as you are. It allows you to have the courage to use your strengths and to overcome your weaknesses. 

-Believe in yourself, when everyone else doubts you & believe in your ability when nobody else gives you the recognition

-Know that the opposite of courage is fear, & when you do not have the courage to pursue & live your dreams, you are actually living your fears.

- “Impossible" really ain't a word that is possible in the minds of truly strong people.

-Learn to be immune to other people's judgment of you because no matter what you do, there is bound to be someone who disagrees with what you are doing.

-Remove the "what-if's" and "should-have's" in your mind and you will be free from being a slave to your past.

Hope this inspires you to be a better & more extraordinary version of yourself ! *wink wink* :D :D

Love you guys,
Sapphire Ng <3 <3

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