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Sapphire Ng's Guide to Taking Self-ies

9 Topics covered !! :D Please Enjoy <3 <3

Blur Picture; Angle; Lighting; Facial Expression; Headshot, Half Body or Full Body; Tilted Photo; Hair & Makeup; Cropping; Self-ie to Profile Picture !!
(Using iPhone, Smartphone etc... any phone)

Cause: Lack of light, hand holding your phone shaking. 
Solution: Find a place with sufficient light. Dim-lighted places like those romantic restaurants or food places typically give you overly dark and blur photos. Similarly, if your hands are shaking when you pressed the trigger, you are also naturally going to get a blur photo. So, try to keep your hand still even though there is so much excitement going on in your face.

Example of blur photos due to shaking hands:

To do: Find an angle that flatters your face the most. Don’t just hold your phone in front of you and then just snap without knowing the outcome you are going to get or not being aware of the outcome you are going to get. There is a function in iPhones to turn the camera lens around and you can see yourself in your phone as you capture your image. Look, really look at your image in your phone to see whether you like what you see. When you think you look good enough, then by all means snap the photo ! :D 

Examples of flattering angles:

Examples of not-flattering angles

To do: Find a place where the lighting is flattering to your facial features. How to? You ask me. The answer is simple, when your camera lens is still turned towards you and you can see yourself in your phone, just walk around to different locations of wherever you are. It can be your school, certain parts of your school is dimmer or brighter than the rest, you may find dimmer corners or brighter classrooms or halls.

Step 1: Choose a location, for example, your corridor to the classrooms.
Step 2: Do the 360-turn technique. In each location, because of where the light is situated, when you turn your body in 360 degrees, every 45 degrees you turn you would be able to see how different the lighting makes your face look.

If its a bit too bright, you will notice your face looks bigger than usual because the entire circumference of your face is highlighted, or that your nose goes missing.
If its too dark, you will know it because some of your facial features will be hidden in the dark and you wont really be able to capture your entire face. However, if you are aiming for a dramatic effect where part of your face is in the dark, you can do just that.

Practice: Observe how different you look in every location, and every angle away or towards the light.

Examples of photos that are too bright:

Examples of photos that are dark or too dark:

To Do: Depending on your personality, what you choose to show on your face becomes the main attraction of the picture. Decide if you are going to smile and look happy and carefree, or that you want to look cute in your picture. If yes, put on that vulnerable soft look in your eyes and little pout. Or you just want to be your crazy self, so go ahead and over-enlarge your eyes or distort your mouth or put your tongue out, anything goes for the crazy look !!

Example of Happy Face: 

Example of Cute Face:

Example of Vulnerable-Beauty Face:

Example of Crazy Face:

Example of Un-scrutable Face:

Decide: For headshots, typically you can just hold you phone away from your face and then take a photo. However, if you intend to self-take half-body or full body, chances are you need to be in front of the mirror and take your image that is reflected in the mirror UNLESS ! you have really ultimate long hands that can stretch away from your body till you can get a half-body image !!

Examples of headshot

Examples of half body

Examples of full body

(Taken using PNS camera, against a blue backdrop)

Avoid them unless intended: Especially for half body and full body, I’ve always seen a tendency to take tilted photos. It’s less of a sin for headshots though because it looks more dreamy that way. 

For half-body & full-body shot: Unless you have the intention of seeing yourself 45 degrees across the photo you posted up on Facebook, try your best to align your phone in such a way as to have a perfectly straight photo, so you would actually look like earthly gravity is acting upon you. 

A note: Tilted photos to a certain extent are dizzying to on-lookers. Try it yourself and you will know.

To do: If you want to go a step further, you should experiment with hair and makeup. Try on a type of makeup that flatters your eyes and face shape, or try a makeup and hairstyle that is consistent with a theme you plan to work on.

For example, if your personality is all about the natural girl, by all means go for minimal natural makeup look and have your hair down; if you are trying to be the glamour girl, go for intensely smokey eyes and curl your hair !!

Barbie Look

Ancient Chinese Look

Modern Girl Look

Diva Look

Doll Look

Dracula Look

Ethereal Look hahahah !!

Avatar Look ???

To do if needed: Eventually you may need to crop your photo to crop off any excess background that you do not want in your photo. Though simple, it produces awesome results ! :D :D

Example 1: Before Cropping

Example 1: After Cropping

Example 2: Before Cropping

Example 2: After Cropping

Example 3: Before Cropping

Example 3: After Cropping

A self-ie can make a great profile picture!
My Facebook profile pictures for both my accounts Sapphire Ng and Sapphire Love are both self-ies. Here they are:

Sapphire Ng

I was experimenting with a new makeup style I never tried before, the cut crease makeup, that is popularized by the supermodel Twiggy. It involves drawing a line across the crease in your eyes with a black eyeliner. This makeup makes your eyes look really big.

For this look, I went for a straight sleek hair look that added on to its sophistication.

Sapphire Love

In this case, I had a makeup artist who did my makeup and hairdo as i took this picture during break-time on set for my bridal shoot !!

Good Luck & Have Fun !!
Alright, be sure to remember the pointers above for every category! Each factor contributes to the perfection of the ultimate image. They will really serve you right so love them and go through them again & again or even Share this post to your loving friends, sisters and mother !! :D

Let me know if this was useful for you and if you would like more such tutorials in the future !! Future topics decided by you, as you can just leave a comment below :D :D

Love ya,
Sapphire Ng <3 <3 <3

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