Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sapphire Ng | "Pick Up The Pieces" Guitar Cover LIVE at International College Of Music (ICOM)

Live performance with an 8-piece band, including 3 back-up vocalists. 

Basic chord progression of the song is F-7 Bb7. 
Solo using F blues scale.

Here is the Lead Sheet for this song :D :D

Gear: Ibanez Semi-Hollow Korean Artstar Model, with flat-wound strings; BOSS GT-100 Multi-Effects Pedal

For my tone, basically I had a mix of a couple of effects - layering gain, distortion, chorus, reverb & delay all together. In my opinion, this Ibanez Semi-Hollow with .011 flat wound strings really is better suited for jazz as compared to my previous guitar - Fender Custom Shop.

A photo of it can be found here:

I have been obsessed with Fender though ever since I first played guitar, partially because of its elegant and slim physique, and I really wasn't used to the bulky feel and hard edges of hollow bodies. Also, Fender is perfect for funk grooves and rhythm. I mean, many guitarists around me & definitely even professionals will agree that it is easier to play funk rhythms on a low-action .011 normal Elixir strings than a much higher action .011 flat wound strings.

For jazz though, my Ibanez does the job better because it gives a much much thicker tone and therefore more authoritative.

You can really compare the tone by listening to this performance of mine where I used my Fender instead, with the same Boss GT-100 Multi-Effects Pedal. This tune is "Up N' At Em" by a great smooth jazz guitarist Norman Brown. I love his playing !!!  
(Disclaimer: Pardon me for my mistakes !! and weak tone for the melody ! It is one of my older performances. BUT !! I learnt from it, & that's all that matters :D :D)

Personally, I feel that my Fender is suited more for rhythm parts while my Ibanez for lead !!

K, catch you guys again :D
Love ya,
Sapphire Ng

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