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Sapphire Ng's Guide to Photo Posing 2: Sexy Feel [10 Categories]

Accentuate Your Curves

It has always been common knowledge that women with curves are more attractive/appealing in the eyes of men compared to women without curves.

To Skinny & Underweight Models: Do not worry ! :D :D Because curves can be achieved by positioning your body strategically, even though you may be lacking in bosom or bottom. 

You can do so by pushing your hips to one side as you pose, thus creating a deep curve on one side of your body.

On the other hand, the reason why it's harder to channel a sexy feel when a model poses with her body straight, as if just standing upright, is because it gives a more innocent & friendly feel. 

You can observe the contrast very clearly in, for example, Victoria's Secret models. Just Google them, and then notice that for the very same models, when they are just standing upright, somehow they channel less sensuality and sexuality than when you see them posing with their hips pushed out.

You can also see that they can control whether they want or don't want to portray sexiness in their photos depending on the circumstance. Though still wearing bikini and lingerie, some bikini/lingerie photos are really sexy, and others are really just friendly.

Let's pick Miranda Kerr :D :D
Ok, and let's compare her without curves & with curves.

Without Curves

With Curves

See the difference ? :D Curves really are essential for the sexy look.

Here are some of my pictures where I pushed my hips out to one side:

For the rest of the photos in this series of my lingerie photoshoot, check them out here: 

All the photos in that series are all sexy feel.

Smoldering Facial Expression

The idea would be to inject sexiness into both your eyes and mouth. Oftentimes, the sexiest moments are created by having your eyes around half-closed, with a soft, glazed look. Lips would definitely not be tightly closed together or wide apart. Lips should be softly & slightly parted as well to draw attention to the sensuality of the sexiest asset of a woman's face.

Watch as Doutzen Kroes & Alessandra Ambrosio give their signature smoldering stare and sensual lips:

Flirty Smile

Nothing beats upfront direct signal of sexiness from a flirty smile. When done correctly, there will be a touch of naughtiness in the eyes that is used to complement the smile.

InterLocking Legs

Legs are sensual assets of a woman, when used correctly can be used to generate sexual interest. For a photoshoot it is no difference either. There has always been great femininity attached to tightly interlocking or crossed legs as it draws attention to the toned-ness of the muscles in the legs. Legs that are placed wide apart are more neutral in tone and could suggest the opposite - casualness & relaxedness.

Vulnerable Position

To achieve a sexy feel, go on all fours, or by all means lie down on your back or side. There is nothing more sexy than being in a position which ignites people's natural desire to protect and of course, to love. Also the lack of defense of the pose of the model would make her appear even more sexy as it appeals to the societal stereotype of the stronger male and weaker female.


So, do you find the first 5 points useful ? Here is a video that shows you 400 poses in just 6:40 minutes. In the video, you would be able to spot the continuous stream of sexy poses from 4:05 to the end ! 

Throughout the video, you can get an idea how it is like transitioning from one pose to another really quickly & spontaneously by feel. Though this post describes the ways to pose sexily and you are learning by words, eventually you have to digest the points and know them by heart & they have to be second nature to you because the goal would be to be able to just let your body pose naturally during shoots without needing to think. Don't worry, you can achieve that by practice.
Between 0:00 to 4:05, there are mostly Cool & Attitude poses.

Hope you benefited and have a refreshed perspective on posing after watching the video :D :D

Back Head Tilt & Almost Closed Eyes

This exposes a really delicate and sensual part of a woman's body - her neck, not to mention it also shows off the jaw line of the woman to the fullest. 

Having eyes that are almost totally closed suggests indulgence and brings people to feel the internal experience that is happening right inside the woman. The focus goes inwards into the sensuality that she feels and makes it even more sexy as she tells the world through her facial expression - self-enjoyment & self-love.


Over the Shoulder

Loosely Draping Clothes/ Dropped Sleeves

There is something that is really sexy about clothes that are not in place. So, to complement the facial expression and body language that you've worked so hard on, go ahead and daringly give the edge of your blouse a pull to reveal slightly more skin. 

Clothes that are messy sometimes speaks sexiness because of its lack of adherence to clean cuts & straight lines & supposedly code of conduct borders.


If you're looking for more poses inspirations, here is another video that contains a ton of poses of sexy feel, gentle feel, cool feel & more, all in quick transition from one pose to another:

Your task would be to observe closely and analyze which poses has which feel, and most importantly as part of this lesson, to identify the sexy poses and know what is it about them that makes the poses sexy. 

What you can practice:
1. Come up & decide on your list of 5 sexy poses (going up to 10 or even 15 if you are comfortable with it). Practise the 5 poses one after the other, making sure you nail each pose before moving on to the next.

2. For any style of poses, practice transitioning from pose to pose, ensuring the poses are as workable as possible. Do not compromise quality for quantity. Take the video above as a guide for how you can transition from pose to pose in quick succession. Good luck & have fun ! :D

Cool Sexiness

Another way to go about it is to infuse cool into sexy, and you get cool-sexiness. It has a really unique quality about it that cannot be estimated.

Wet Hair & Clothes

Ok, you almost ran out of ideas on how to pose to get a sexy feel. Now you can try by wetting your hair and clothes. The drop in opaque-ness of your clothes will naturally give a more sexy feel, and the way they cling to your body also adds points to the sexy factor !!

Examples of My Photos with Sexy Feel (with explanation)

For this photo, I pushed out my hips to the left thus creating a curve in both left and right side of my body. I had my eyes closed in this shot as well and it will tell people that I am indulging and enjoying in the moment. My slightly messy hair & strong legs position also add on to the sexy feel.

In this case, I'm am in a vulnerable position - lying down, with my legs in a position that shows them off. There is also added sexiness when I place my left arm over my head and look at the camera with a soft gaze in my eyes.

Ok folks, that's all for now :D

Hope this was helpful to you guys. Comment below if you want to say anything about anything discussed above or simply just let me know whether it was useful to you :D :D

Photo credits to the respective models & photographers !!

Love ya,
Sapphire Ng <3 <3

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