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Sapphire Ng's Guide to Coco Rocha 1: Poses [11 Categories]

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This guide reflects how I approach analyzing & breaking down Coco Rocha's poses. 
Hope you guys find it easier to dissect what she does by looking at my categorization !! :D :D Good luck & Have fun !


Coco seriously has a knack for tiptoe-ing in photos. I have yet to see another established supermodel doing the same. Tiptoe-ing really allows a model to discover a whole new system of poses, simply because she is no longer limited to the typical 2 legs on ground or 1 leg up sort of poses. Because of the leg positions, the feel is different as well, and there really is a combination of a down-to-earth but sophisticated feel at the same time.

This posing technique takes some practice girls, not everyone can naturally tiptoe in 5 inch wedges with their feet relatively close together (it will definitely be harder to balance) and with feet pointing in the same direction. Start with a shorter heel first and work your way up :D


Coco Rocha seems to be a fan of suspended shots as well as it will look more surreal and out of the world. Also, art-wise it would be so much more refreshing to see in-the-air shots rather than the typical "yes, I'm on the ground" shots. It is uncommon and because of this reason, it really is that much more unique.


Ok now, we all know Coco loves dancing, but we all should also know that it is a great challenge as well to transfer dance motions into posing. Coco's ability to incorporate influences from dance into her poses is really admirable because there have been dancers who tried but stumbled. 

There have been dancers who momentarily went into modeling, but every pose they churned out in front of the camera has no regard to the theme of the shoot at all or the outfit of shoot. All they did in front of the camera was dance routine practices they had to practice on their ballet bars. 

And the photos looked like the photographer hired a ballet dancer in order to shoot a ballet-dancing theme RATHER THAN a model who was hired to pose in a manner that is reminiscent of a dancer but also infusing emotions & other elements inside, and definitely understanding the fact that her job would be to create art works with her body.

Motions/On The Move

Talking about wanting to express the hectic-ness of working life in pictures, the urgency and rush everyday people experience day to day, or simply the down-to-earth manner of people who are fiercely focused on their daily activities. There is no exception as well expressing these in high fashion, even though high fashion seems to be so detached from everyday reality. So, if you want to add a little practicality into your poses, here you go, give a little sideways walk or run in your photo-shoots :D :D


Avantgarde is really something that is done for art-sake. The only criteria is creativity. So anything really alien or out of the ordinary really works in this category. The goal can even be to look as weird and unnatural as possible !

The beauty of the avant-garde is that there really is no limits or rules, and the only crime would be being mundane and ordinary. So, for this type of poses, you really got to use up some of your brain power to think of inventive shapes, and unusual angles/twists.


Well, the exotic is more real than the avant-garde. While avant-garde is the alien from outer space, exotic would be the human who wants to have a unique, tribal touch to her. Talking about wrists that are bent in the opposite direction to each other, or elbows that are held up at 60 degrees, it kinds of reminds us of Indian dancing? 

Geometrical Shapes

Wow, geometrical shapes is another really exciting one ! The idea is if you can bend your body into a certain shape, by all means do it. Your legs could do a square, or your entire body could bend backwards like Coco in the photo on the left to form half a hexagon. Or you could give a side profile like the 2nd photo below and have 4 bends in total formed to have your body reminiscent of a zig-zagging thunder ! Wow !! How inventive is this ? hahaha :D :D


Posing like a mannequin or puppet would require one to make her hands or limbs unnatural, inorganic and definitely in a way that defies what is called real in life. 

See the unnaturally straight legs in the first photo whereby her legs are actually not parallel to the ground ? Because it it tilted, the feel of the puppet is even more poignant. In the 3rd photo, an outstanding thing would be that the ankle of the left foot is unnaturally pointed up.


When it comes to Coco's elegant looks, oh my gosh, I can't help but fall in love with her elegance and sophistication. Coco's portrayal of elegance is totally unrivaled. The perfection of the vibe - soft & magnetic - is totally indescribable.


One thing about Coco is she really does anything & everything !! Many models definitely are not even willing or dare to do what she just did. Have we ever seen a spiderman model in town who climbs the brick walls of buildings? Hahaha, I don't think so.


Come on guys, do you see the humor in the photo below? Well, I love it a lot personally hahaha. Why? It is because Coco is posing as if she is a lamp post or that she looks like one !! One day, we models should just try posing as if we are cars, trees, tables or even the fire extinguisher. Ok, maybe I should try just that hahaha !! :D :D

Ok, so this wraps up the 11 categories for this series. Keep following my blog to catch the next series :D :D
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Photo credits to awesome Coco & all the awesome photographers !

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