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ADVANCED Photo Posing 2: Lying Down Poses [22 Categories]

This serves as a guide for both models, photographers & stylists.
When similar-theme works of great photographers are put side by side, it allows for easier comparison of techniques and skills used across different professionals in dealing with similar themes/mood/feel.

For models: 
1. Compare how different the facial expressions & body language of the models for each different feel.
2. Note how cohesively all the limbs of the model work together to portray a cohesive feel for each theme.
3. Examine carefully the placement of arms and legs.
4. Compare the similarities or differences of the approaches to the poses of the different models when they are portraying one feel.

For Photographers: 
1. Refer to this as a source of inspiration for the types of angles you can experiment when shooting a model lying down.
2. Note the many different camera angles possible to shoot for the same feel/mood and how they vary across different themes.
3. Take this as an idea archive where whenever you are thinking of shooting your model lying down, these are the types of different moods/categories that you could try doing.

For Stylists:
1. Get inspired by the varying, unique stylings under the different categories.
2. Take note of how different photos under the same category can channel the same feel with their unique ways of styling & how sometimes simply by a model's facial expression & body language, she can totally change the feel of the photo despite the thematic outfit (ie. outfit that by itself, already comes under a certain category) that she is wearing.


The main focus of this look is inorganic. The model has to look like a puppet, and at times, even lifeless as its limbs are to be control by a higher order.

Narcissistic/ Egoistic Self-Love

Poses portraying self-love has to focus on paying attention to yourself. Raise your fingers around your face as if you are admiring your own facial features like how men caress a woman's face while he admires her.


There is something really self-assured and confident about a fashionista and her poses really reflect that. She knows that she is classy but yet there is a slight mischievous and egoistic hint to her expressions.


For the Diva feel, the poses in general channels more elegance, and the bodies of the models are extended to portray sophistication. It won't be overtly sexy like for Bombshell but it will be sexy in a classy manner. For the Diva feel, aura is a must have !! :D


A bombshell always poses to seduce. Any pose that shows off curves and sensuality of a woman, she is for it. Posing to a seductive feel when lying down involves drawing attention to the legs and curviness of the torso, and it can be done by showing off a model's assets.


Close your eyes and use both your arms to hug your waist, hips or your head as you indulge in inner thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Innocent/Vulnerable/Dainty Damsel

Assume a position or pose that says "I need to be protected" or "I need my prince to appear now and save me".


To project the mysterious feel, the idea to go to is distance. A model must add emotional distance between her and the photographer. There is something distant about the eyes, expressions, and the poses that makes people hesitant or even afraid to approach a "mysterious" girl. 


The cool feel is relatively neutral, without any major emotions portrayed in the model. 


There is something calming and peaceful about the gentle look. Think the natural environment, be it a makeshift underwater world for the Mulberry campaign or Deborah Henry's peaceful co-existence with nature.


To achieve this feel, go for a plastic positioning of arms and legs - it can be a 90 degrees.


Just go all out and be wild & naughty. Put your legs in any type of position you want, however unladylike or "unglam" or unsightly. The idea is to just let loose.

Young & Innocent

The eyes are really important for this feel and it has to be soft and curious.

Self-Protective/ Wary

Keep your arms and legs close to yourself as you channel this feel. Look into the distance or at the camera as if it is someone who have hurt you and that you really want to keep away from the person.


Melancholic is the way to go. Rest your head against your arms as you are really drained of all your energy and indulge in all your inner thoughts and mental confusion.


To get into the mood for this look, ignore the rules. Just be fierce and full of attitude.

Mix of Sophistication & Drugged Look

No one pulls this off better than Kate Moss, the girl who is famous for her drugged look. Combining 2 different looks takes skill, and it's done by injecting a hint of lifelessness into sophistication.


Give an unfocused look in the eyes and lack of control of body.

Relaxed/ Bohemian Style

The poses for this mood should gear towards relaxed and carefree.


Facial expressions are essential for this mood and body language should be more worked up with adrenaline than normal.

Strong Women

Think ability. Pose like you know you can do it better than the guys.

Duo Models

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Photo credits to our great fashion models & photographers !

More to come !
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