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ADVANCED Photo Posing 1: Hand Positions [6 Categories]

Supermodels like Coco Rocha and Iman Abdulmajid are known for their pioneering efforts in terms of hand positioning in posing. Ok, lets take a look at how these supermodels do it.

Stacking Elbows

By stacking elbows together, you will be able to form interesting geometric shapes. It is also an unconventional thing to stack elbows together as people never have the natural tendency to do so in real life. What people do naturally is to rest one elbow on the palm of the other hand. Stacking elbows thus will be an interesting deviation from the norm. :D :D



Parallelism in posing your hands, when used correctly, really tends to send a strong message. This is because both hands are put into the same position, so both are supporting each other in their message.

Iman really brings parallelism to a whole new level in this photo as she ingeniously angles her hand in the same angle as her hat !!! :) This adds a certain mannequin quality to the pose as well !!


Opposites can be a concept for you to further innovate the ways to position your hands. Instead of the typical, more natural parallel hands or fingers, try to point them opposite each other. An example could be your right palm facing yourself and then your left palm facing the front.

Perpendicular & Diagonal Angles

Tilting your body and hands diagonally against a straight wall would be a new way to position yourself. People have a tendency to have their arms put perfectly horizontal or vertical, for example when resting their elbow on their thigh with their head on their fist; or when resting hands flat on thighs. Having diagonal angles thus would be something different, whereby the left and right hand would form a 90 degrees.


Hands/Fingers Over Head

Wrapping your fingers around your temple with your opposite hand gives an interesting twist to your pose. It has something really sophisticated about it, and can be transformed into fierce any moment as well - it is a really versatile look. Slightly tense up your fingers to have them stretching out more n straighter, then you have signature fierce Coco look !!

Finger to Finger/ Hand to Hand

Another way to be different is to connect your hands or fingers by putting them together, not side by side. This way, there is a continuation. Linking your fingers this way like shown in Coco's photo above, you can have your arms forming a frame all around your head as well. Do that by just shifting a bit by bit your arms position ! :)

Examples of My Photos where I have Advanced Hand Positions (with explanation):

See how much more unique it makes the pose look when arms are placed against one another in the manner above like how I did in my bridal photoshoot ? :)

Also, relaxed fingers with even spacing, especially with the way my right hand is in the photo above, it really gives an exotic feel when it is placed beside my face.

My right hand position in my underwater photoshoot photo is considered uncommon because of my wrist joint. In real life, people don't naturally bend their wrist forwards that way - it would be considered awkward ! Hahaha, in photos though, it will really be a point that stands out :D

Video Learning Session
For a live demonstration of the many hand positions you can include in your poses, watch this video of mine where I switched a lot of hand poses throughout my photoshoot with sexy hot pink Nissan FairLady 350Z, Blue Toyota MR-S and Red/White Toyota MR-S. 

Be sure to watch if you want to see what I can bring to the table :D

Ok, that's about it for now !
Hope this was useful to you and that you enjoyed it.
Stay tuned for more lessons :)

Photo credits to Coco Rocha, Iman Abdulmajid, other models & photographers !!

Till next time & Love ya,
Sapphire Ng <3 <3

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