Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Photoshoot Posing Videos - The Making Of

Video-shoot process of my Posing Videos will be discussed.
Videos featured for this discussion: --

Toyota MRS SportsCar Photoshoot 

Cool & Simple TankTop + HotShorts Photoshoot

Video Light used: Photoflex light 2000w 
Moviedome softbox 1m x 1.5m

There are several factors to take into consideration for the video-shoot:
- the distance between me and the video light

- the video camera's distance from me, which in turn decides also whether the view will be a full body or half body or even just headshot

- horizontal or vertical view from the camera, if it involves movement from left to right and the background allows, horizontal view is great. Otherwise, if you are limited by the size of your studio photoshoot backdrop, the solution would be vertical view. The idea is to have correct cropping, for example, not too much space on the left compared to the right or vice versa.

- if in studio, decide the color of the backdrop, the idea is that if you want a dramatic effect, go for a black backdrop; for clean, innocent feel go for a white backdrop.

- the time span for each individual video

Toyota MRS SportsCar Photoshoot 

- Taking into consideration the fact that the sports car is parked at an angle with the front of the car facing the camera & the fact that I will pose all the way until the middle of the body of the car which means dimmer lighting there due to the greater distance; and the fact that it would be much brighter when I am posing right in front of the car where I would be closest to the light --- the idea is to strike a balance between the brightest point at the front and the darkest you would look when further away from the light and then adjust accordingly.

- In this case since I will be posing around the car standing up, half body cropping would not be feasible as the car wouldn't be visible in the video camera anymore, so the natural choice would be full body. The entire framing allows watchers to be able to see exactly how the photo will turn out as in the video, with the model and the car shot from a distance whereby they are not very prominently close-up in the photo and not too small either. So, it gives a sexy distance whereby car and model looks the right size and with the right appeal, even for car consumers.

Cool & Simple TankTop + HotShorts Photoshoot

- For this video, it actually makes more sense to do half body because my legs in general wouldn't be moving much. Most of the movement are hips upwards. This is also more effective in drawing the attention of viewers upwards more to my facial expressions. Thus the focus is more micro compared to the Toyota video which is more macro-focused.

- The backdrop in this case is bluesy skies, giving a more light-hearted feel compared to black, and a more vibrant mood compared to a white backdrop. It is thus essential to understand the importance of backdrops in transforming the mood of the video.

That's all folks !

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