Friday, 2 August 2013

PhotoShoot Posing Tips for Beginners [Simple, Straightforward & Concise]

Concise, brief & practical pointers to remember and to bring on set with you during a photoshoot.

Move your hands and place them around your face, your body & legs.

Look into the camera as well as away from the camera.

Body Profile
Give front, side & back body profile.

Facial Expression
Remember to vary your facial and eye expressions according to moods, it can be happy or sad.

Vary the poses you can make with your legs, having them wide apart as well as close together.

Awareness of lighting
If you are shooting in the studio, remember to be aware of the position of the light so that you know how to position yourself with the light.

Important Concepts
Think angle & direction.

Other Learning Sources
Look up supermodels you admire and learn their poses.

Continuous Improvement
Keep posing !

Hope this is short enough for you to remember! :D :D
So, keep reminding yourself these few points as you pose, and you will have a lesser chance of running out of poses within a short period of time! Have fun !!

All the best & With much love, 
Sapphire Ng <3 <3 <3

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