Friday, 23 August 2013

My Guitar Licks !! :D

Today shall be the day I started recording down my favorite licks as I practice improvisation !! :D
No more trying so hard to memorize every lick once I came up with them, & then forgetting a ton of them a few days later hahaha !!

I will keep updating this post as I come up with more & more licks (with the latest at the top), so stay tuned :D

Love ya guys,
Sapphire Love <3 <3

17 Oct 2013

06 Oct 2013

05 Oct 2013

03 Oct 2013
I love the sound of these licks played against a jazz funk backing track to Sunny's chord progression.

16 Sept 2013
F Blues

Dmaj7(add 13)

14 Sept 2013 (Dmaj7 add 13 day !!)

27th Aug 2013

26th Aug 2013

23rd Aug 2013

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