Friday, 30 August 2013

My Guitar Gallery !!!

In this post, I will talk about all the guitars I've played and owned since I first picked up guitar :D

Let's first talk about the guitar I'm currently using.
Ibanez Semi-Hollow Korean Artstar model
Here is an image of me & my guitar :D :D

This guitar has only a 3-way switch (much lesser than my Fender hehe) but it is sufficient. I personally love the tone this guitar is capable of. I use .011s flat wounds strings on this guitar as well, so the tone is thick + thick, just nice for jazz in my opinion :D

This is a most recent guitar video of mine whereby I used this guitar :D I did a guitar cover of The Chicken by Jaco Pastorius !! <3 <3 And shot this video in Sentosa beach hehe.

So, for the entire set of updated photos of me and this Ibanez at the beach, check out this post: 
The Chicken (Jaco Pastorius) Music Video: Sapphire Love Guitar Cover (VIDEOS & PHOTOS)

Well I used this guitar too for one of my performances at school. See that music note logo at the back ? Hahaha. It's International College Of Music (ICOM).
For this show, I used my BOSS GT-100 Multi-Effects Pedal as well :D And this is me playing a funk jazz tune "Pick Up the Pieces" by The Average White Band/Candy Dulfer:

Prior to using this Ibanez of mine, I used a Fender Custom Shop, courtesy of Fender famed-masterbuilder Jay Black.
Here is a photo of me with my Fender <3

This guitar has a flamed maple neck, that looks really gorgeous to many people (they told me *winks*). I've had many guitarists in my school try this Fender of mine, but many reflected back to me the same thing: They thought that the neck really was too thick for their comfort !

Well, if you ask me, I never noticed or felt that the neck was particularly thick or not, it worked fine for me.

Another issue for this guitar is that it has a lacquered neck, and I admit it actually makes playing so much harder compared to rosewood finishes fretboards. According to guitar techs, the lacquered neck really gives much more friction and thus slows down playing & essentially makes it harder as well.

I personally experienced it as I practiced something on my Fender one day, and then transitioned immediately to the Ibanez the next day, and it was much much easier to play the same thing on my Ibanez hahahah ! Although I would really prefer the Fender for rhythms and chords, simply because the tension is much lower than my Ibanez. For that matter, I have a harder time holding my barre chords on my Ibanez compared to my Fender. In fact it is really more effortless on my Fender :D :D

Check out this video of me playing funk rhythms on my Fender whereby my right hand is kept constant strumming ALMOST every 16th note throughout hahah !

When I bought it, this guitar came with .009s. Well I stuck with that string gauge for a while and eventually moved to .011s. The tone is also noticeably but subtly thicker after I changed the gauge higher.

However for the video above, I had actually previously set my BOSS GT-100 tone settings in accordance with a Roland amp I have at home, but for the recording of the video I had to do with a makeshift amp instead ! & the mini amp is definitely much more trebly making my wah-wahs and phaser sound so much sharper than normal. Well, I tried to compensate it by switching my pickup to the neck instead and lowering down the treble knob in the EQ. I guess it worked a bit hahahah, but with the time constrains I didn't manage to do any major adjustments to my tone.

Oh yeah, I would photograph the "Jay Black" logo of this guitar and post it here too once I get my hands on it so that you guys can have a look at how master builder Jay Black leaves his name (or logo, for that matter) on a guitar he personally builds.

This is a 60s Fender if I'm not wrong, well, I have to go and recheck my facts first hahahah !!

A few more images of my Custom Shop Fender :D :D

Here is a picture of me performing on stage with this Fender:

For that night, we played a waltz tune "Alice In Wonderland" and a bossa nova tune "Blue Bossa", both right from the Real Book !! Well, I played rhythm and had a solo for both tunes.

Ok next is my Stevie Ray Vaughan Lenny guitar.

This is my favorite picture of myself with my guitar. The SRV logo on the guitar ain't that clear in this picture though.

Ok, I shall show you a couple more :D :D

Have a clearer look at the guitar now ? Hehehe
Well, this guitar is actually a knock-off of the original SRV model guitar.
When I played this guitar sometime back I was a big fan of Stevie Ray and his Blues licks and phrases. I played much more blues then, I play less blues now.

Ok, now onto a really beautiful guitar that I fell in love to at first sight.

Here is another image of it, though the red is obscured here.

Check out the fretboard of the neck of this guitar:

Well, talking about beautiful fretboards. This guitar has both sides of the world. 
This is a birdseye + flamed maple neck ! How rare is it to find it, but to explain its existence, it is custom ordered and made, and possibly discontinued already today due to the rarity of the wood. Normally when I see a birdseye maple neck, it typically would have sparse 'birdseye' scattered over it, one here, two there. Well, for this guitar of mine, the birdseye is literally exploding, the whole fretboard is filled to the brim with birdseye, not to mention it is also a flamed maple neck all at the same time !! 

For music purposes though, it may not work that fine. It has the looks but not necessary the build and wood for good sound. I would play this guitar for fun surely, but not for performances.

Ok, onto my sacrificial guitar that got plunged into the water. Hahahah. This Harlem was my first guitar when I first picked up the instrument.

Let's see pictures of this guitar IN WATER !!!! Hahahah. Wow, how evil-ly excited am I.

More ...

Ok, that's all for now about my journey with my guitars :D
I will post more updates on my guitars when more cool & interesting things happen, either things I have to take into account for for my tone, or pickups, or even my guitar body wood !

Hope you enjoyed this recount of mine. 
Love ya,
Sapphire Love <3 <3

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