Sunday, 4 August 2013

Guitar Lesson With Az Samad !!

Lesson takeaways: 

- Practise playing EMOTIONS on the guitar, yes, you are an actor expressing yourself through the guitar instead of your face.
- Record your own improvisation (Az: "guitarists must record themselves like how dancers dance in front of the mirror.")
- Always know your INTENTION

- Single note and 4-note exercises to practice playing emotions
- Dissect your favorite guitarists' solos 5 seconds by 5 seconds !!
- The way to bring your guitar playing to the next level is all about imagination !!

The most memorable part of the lesson !!

Play a lick that says: 
- Wow, the Macdonald queue is really really long
- I am a RABBIT & I love to jump !!!!!!!! hahahaha
- I am a gangster
- lazy Sunday morning
- __________ (fill in the blanks)

Awesome & Fun Lesson !! Az as usual with his really unique perspective on things & he never fails to surprise me with his originality !!

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