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22 Ways to Spice Up Your Sitting Poses (Series 1)

Get ready to be plunged into the 22 categories of moods/feel that you can use to inject into the way you sit everyday ! Everyone sits everyday, whether you are eating, reading, watching tv or gaming, but it's up to you to choose how you want to portray yourself when you sit :D :D

Do you want to sit like a diva at your first date ? Or do you want to learn how to channel the renaissance woman feel to deter your bullies from coming near you ? Or do you want to fire up the protective mechanism in your mom to convince her to get you your favorite toy by getting into a kiddish pose ? Well, you will be able to find tips in this post that teach you what to take note if you want to channel a certain feel.

Feel covered include Princess, Diva, Renaissance Woman, Spoilt Rich Girl, Sophisticate, Cool & Classy,Attitude, Sporty & Athletic, Boho & Carefree, Sensual, Stealth, Kiddish and much more !! 

For models who want to further improve their sitting poses, this is for you. Just take note of the explanation of the feel for the respective categories, and you'll really be more aware of the many different ways you can manipulate your sitting poses & would able to switch between feels in no time !

 For any other girl (or guy) who wants to infuse fun and acting into your everyday life, to show your family or significant other your ability to change persona real quick, or even to build a magnetic body language, here it is ! 

Hope you guys have tons of fun :D :D


There is something really self-assured of the model who poses like a princess. Poses under this category conveys immense confidence & a feeling that the girl is unbeatable by circumstances.


Diva poses are a combination of a more innocent princess quality with a more matured womanly feel, plus a hint of daintiness. The diva feel can be attained by feeling like you know your worth and status that can't be taken away from you easily.

Renaissance Woman

A model who wants to channel this feel in her sitting poses has to feel like she is independent and is a woman of ability. She has to feel like the entire world is under her control, and as such would be able to convey the power and formidability in her poses. Her arms must have the task of doing something, either stretching it out confidently to place on surrounding architecture or putting them together to form strong images/shapes.

Spoilt Rich Girl

Well, to channel this feel, you have to feel a bit mischievous inside you and know that rules aren't a thing for you. You certainly don't have to follow the rules like how the masses do it, because you are different from them, you are, well, rich. So, put on a tinge of naughtiness and haughtiness into your eyes and there you have it. Also, another tip is that you could raise your leg up and rest it on a table no matter how inappropriate it may be (especially if you are wearing a skirt).


Being conservative is the key. A sophisticate doesn't cross the lines like the spoilt rich girl. In fact, she knows her boundaries and works within it. She makes sure she always channel a sense of refinement and appropriateness. Her fingers, whenever it is exposed to public view, she will make sure that her fingers are equally spread apart and elegant and consistent - no room for error or imperfection.

Cool & Classy

You must have a more neutral mood in order to pull this off. This can be hard to pull off for the hyperactive girl, as she may have difficulties calming her facial expressions down. A cool & classy woman keeps a certain distance between herself and others, and there's something nonchalant about her. She is capable and she knows it, she doesn't need to proclaim it to the world by being loud & exaggerated. This feel represents a confidence that is held mostly internal.


Strong eyes are the key to this feel, and it tells others "Don't mess with me, you have absolutely no idea what I can do".


It is not in your concern to do what status quo demands or what societal expectations dictate. You may not be particularly warm to anyone who approaches you and it doesn't bother you. You know you are different and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This feel is also achieved by having wide stances that shows that you are not afraid to take up more space. You know your worth & you won't need anyone else's assurances.


For this feel, have wide stances. Your legs should be placed in a careless manner, don't worry if they don't look gracious or feminine, that's not the aim anyway :D Emulate how men do it, & channel masculinity into your arms and legs.

Sporty & Athletic

For this feel, it is totally alright to have your legs up, there is no need to think about appropriateness. Fitness here is king. If putting one leg up and perching it on the edge of a table or rock slab shows off your toned muscles, go ahead and do it. Another way could be to stretch your arms or tense them up to show off your arm muscles.

Boho & Carefree

Don't put so much thought into portraying this feel, because it is supposed to be carefree, and YOU are supposed to be carefree. Empty your mind of stress and problems, and allow your entire body to relax. The 'carefree' poses should come naturally. Remember not to try too hard, otherwise you may be forcing it & as a result it will look far from carefree.

Ok, here are the 11 categories for my first installment of this series. Keep checking back on my blog for the next installment and other interesting posts ! :D :D

Let me know how did you find this post, whether it was helpful or are there any other ways that you would recommend for me to make things more fun !! Hope to hear from you :D

Photo credits to the great supermodels & photographers !

Love ya,
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